Wednesday, July 4, 2012

China Glaze I'm Not Lion

This is two coats with one coat of NPB's Glitter Food and one coat of Seche.  This was really hard to photograph - my camera didn't want to focus!

I was able to get ALL 70+ orders shipped out on Monday AM with the exception of one Canadian order that will be going out tomorrow.  Phew!  I've already placed an order for more glitter, so that should be coming in soon and I'm also working on some new polishes!  Of course you'll see pictures here before they are for sale so stay tuned.


  1. Congrats, that was superfast shipping. Where do you order most of your glitters? I've bought from You Mix before but that's all.

    1. Thanks! To be honest most of the glitters I have were purchased from local craft stores (hence all the testing). I've since decided that I'll probably stick with ordering from established nail polish glitters suppliers because the amount of $$ I've wasted on bleeding glitters is just tragic.

      I have ordered from YouMix, also Lurecraft and Glitter Unique. I've been happy with what I got from all three.