Friday, April 12, 2013

Introducing: Glitter A-Peel!!

Hello!   Today I am so pleased and proud to announce the newest product in the NPB lineup.

Glitter A-Peel is a clear quick drying base coat that is applied directly to the nail to enable you to peel off your manicure without damage to your nails. 

This is NOT a glue base coat; it contains the usual solvents and plasticizers found in all nail polish.  This is also NOT three-free - it does contain Toluene.


Apply one or two coats to your bare nail (For me two coats worked better to make it easier to peel).  Then apply your usual treatments, polishes and topcoat.  I have found that thicker manicures peel off easier (i.e. in one piece) where thinner ones (like cremes) will still peel, but in a few pieces.


When you're ready to remove, use an orange stick (NOT YOUR NAILS - I know, it's hard, but try to resist the urge) to gently get the peel started (either from the side or the cuticle line) and remove!  As a final step use remover to clean up any last traces of the basecoat.

**PLEASE NOTE**  Safety is key here - don't use any metal implements to start the peel, and please don't force things.  If you find that your polish is really sticking, it may be time to call it quits and bust out the acetone. 

I have peeled off about 30 manicures in the last month and I'm satisfied that this works, and works well.  The next step is for people other than me to try it!  I'm doing it differently this time and offering a limited amount at a very low introductory price to give anyone that wants to a chance to try it out!  I would really love to hear your feedback on this if you do decide to purchase it.  The launch will be at 3PM EDT in my Etsy shop.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New colors!

Hi Everyone! Here is a preview of some new colors that will be stocked for the first time this Friday at 3PM EDT. I will also be retiring A Good Man Goes to War after this restock.

This one is a little dustier in real life and is opaque in three thin coats or two thicker ones.

This one is also dustier and a little greener even?  It will be LE because...well...I can't lie to you the formula is a bit difficult.  It's opaque in three coats but you're going to want topcoat to smooth out the finish.  The color is gorgeous though!!

Here is a new glitter topper over the turquoise and purple.  This is all matte glitters in spring-y colors.

This one is a sample shade - a deep purple jelly with irregularly shaped silver particles.

This is Alpha Nail - my first duochrome!  This is one coat over Essie Midnight Cami.  The color change is awesomely obvious in real life but was really hard to capture on camera.

This is also going to be limited edition because I got a little excited and spent WAY too much $$ on the larger circles.   But isn't it pretty? Oh and it's a jelly sandwich with Essie Pop Art Pink - the glitter polish itself is in a clear base.

This is "Inner Beauty is for Amateurs," a red jelly with irridescent glitters.  This is two coats.