Glitter Food

What is it?

Glitter Food is a multi-purpose product that can be used as a topcoat to smooth bumpy (or "hungry") glitter polishes, as an additive to restore "buoyancy" to glitters that sink in the bottle, or even as an alternative to aqua base for finicky holographic polishes.

If you wear glitter polish you've probably noticed that the finish can be gritty or rough, especially with denser glitters.  This works great as a topcoat to smooth things out and give you a nice glassy look.  It does dry to a satin finish, so I  recommend a glossy topcoat over it (I have fallen out of love with Seche Vite lately, but NYC Grand Central Station works great and is cheap).  If you find that you get some shrinkage, some thinner should get you back to normal.

To "fix" polishes that have "gone flat" the way I've used it is to remove the top 1/4 or 1/5 of the sinky glitter bottle using an eyedropper and replace it with Glitter Food.  Shake it up (really really hard the first time) or you might need to get in there with an orange stick to really pick up the glitter off the bottom of the bottle.  Sometimes this even helps to reduce or eliminate the need to "fish" around for larger glitter pieces.

Please be aware that I am mixing this myself (in my basement no less) and so a small particle may occasionally make it's way into the bottle.  This in no way affects the performance but if this is something that would bother you then this might not be the topcoat for you.

What are other people saying?

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Feedback (from Etsy and Facebook and Llarowe):

Does what it says, beautifully.

I have had nothing but the best experience with this glitter smoother. I thought it was impossible that a single coat of this could smooth out hungry glitters the way Glitter Food does! I've tested it on my most rough glitters (even on textured polish) and it performs remarkably. It does dry satin, but since I like to use fast dry top coat on top, I don't see a problem.

This has worked so much better for me than say, three coats of Gelous which is what I would previously use. I've only experienced shrinkage one time and that was when my topcoat was getting thick, it was the culprit pulling the Glitter Food along with it. A generous helping of thinner helped fix that immediately. I'd highly recommend making sure that both GF and your TC are on the more fluid side.

$8 is also a really great price, I hope it never goes up!

This stuff is amazing, it has already worked miracles for polishes I had that were starting to settle, and works wonderfully for my always-hungry glitters!

I highly recommend this to everyone who loves glitter polish! 

have no idea how I lived without this before. Bumpy nails give me the creeps and this fixes them! I used to avoid chunky glitter and now I've a whole new world of polish opened up to me! You will have to pry my Glitter Food out of my cold dead hands before you get it away from me.

Very pleased with these polishes, the formulas are flawless and the glitter food is a must have. It really works wonders.

Fixed a bottle with sinking glitter and works GREAT to smooth out the glitter texture on my nails! Def will buy again once I run out!

Does what it says, for sure! I siphoned off some clear base from the top of an indie glitterbomb I adore and replaced it with this. Shook it mercilessly for about 10 minutes, set it down...still thoroughly mixed, now weeks later. Great product!

This is great! I'll not be without it now. :)

This is the best thing ever! Has brought a couple of my favorite glitters back from the dead.

Amazing. Sooooo much better than Gelous at smoothing glitter polishes. I can't use thick coats of Gelous without getting mega bubbles, but with Glitter Food, I just glob it on there nice and thick. One delicious coat smoothes even the most greedy glitter. No bubbles.

Received my glitter food in the mail today and have already tried it! It works great as a glitter topper to smooth it out. I can't believe how well it works! Thank you so much, great product! :)

Exactly what I needed! No more gross gritty glitter nails!

FABULOUS! Did the trick in one coat - can't wait to share this little miracle with my fellow polish fiends :)

This stuff is amazing! Super fast shipping, too. Thanks!

Best glitter top coat EVER!!! Thanks!!!

Fantastic product, I am loving how well this smoothes out glitter polishes! Have yet to try fixing sinking glitter polishes with it but I can tell I will be buying more soon to do so! Seriously awesome stuff! 

It does what it says. Works wonders with smoothing out rough glitter surfaces.

Thank you SO much for your crazy fast shipping on my glitter food. I love how it works as a top coat!

I'm LOVING GF as a base for streaky prone polishes. Shimmers/duos/holos ALWAYS go streaky-freaky on me, used a base of GF and hahahah, a shimmery slightly duo with scattered holo went *YES MA'AM* with no streaks whatsoever. 2 coats for perfection.

Just used Glitter Food... WOWWWW ?  I can't imagine using anything else over chunky polish! This is definitely making my 'Best of 2012' list!

There is nothing on the market today that does this, not that I can find. Nail Pattern Boldness has NAILED this formula...the Glitter Food performed AMAZINGLY - if it can level out the coarse sandpaper finish of Night Sparkle, it's very likely up to anything you can put under it. Excellent job, Nail Pattern Boldness!!!

You seriously need to patent this formula - I've been looking & praying for something to do what GF does for a long time, and if there IS something out there I haven't found it. THANK YOU for filling this niche with GF, it's awesome!

Super awesome product. Really does what it says it will!

Awesomeness in a little bottle

Best product ever!

Super brill polish for smoothing out glitter bombs. Lovely touch the organza bag and little card that comes with each purchase. Thank you so much!

Im in love. This stuff is so worth it!

So useful! One of those must-haves for a collection.

Amazing amazing product. I will never go back to anything else. Thank you Allison!!

This stuff is excellent! Works exactly as claimed on sinking glitters and at least 3 times better than Gelous for smoothing glitters.

This stuff is amazing! A coat of this plus a good top of Seche wears like iron!

A new staple in my manicure routine! Love it! Thank you!!

This stuff is simply the best I have used it over my glitter polishes and it really does make a difference a must have for glitter polish lovers.

These polishes are fantastic and will continue to purchase more! This is my 3rd bottle of Glitter Food and couldn't be happier with product. Its saved so many polishes with sinking glitter it's unbelievable.

This is just awesome! super fast shipping. Anyone who loves glitter polish needs this. Thanks so much!

Love this as always! I use this with every manicure as I'm a glitter and holo junkie. This limits streaking and bald spots as a base coat, works as a satin to rubber matte finish top coat, and as the name is - perfect for bumpy, hungry glitters.

THIS ACTUALLY WORKS. I own so many glitter food type polishes, and this one is my favourite. <3

This stuff is AWESOME!

An amazing must-own product!! Thank you

Awesome to feed those gritty glitters that need more than 3 normal top-coat coats! And also for the ones that don't need that many!

This stuff is The Bomb!! If you don't own it buy it!! Thanks so much!!

This stuff is is quickly replacing the other "glitter food" tc I've been using!

You won't be disappointed with this polish! A great topcoat for glitter and really fixes polish too! Thanks so much for making an awesome product!

AWESOME! Super fast shipping! Best topcoat ever!

This is AMAZING. I haven't used it to fix up polishes with sunken glitters, but as a glitter topcoat it is AWESOME. I tested with one of my grittiest glitter polishes, and one coat with one coat of my normal QDTC and it's smoooooooth. Normally I take several layers of topcoat to get the same finish. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

Haven't tried to "fix a flat" yet, but works great on those hungry glitters!!! I'm gonna need a gallon of this stuff!!!

This may be the best top coat ever. It makes glitter so smooth!

Holy fast shipping Batman! Great product! Used it as a topcoat with one coat SV over it and it's gorgeous! Highly recommended! Great seller, great store!

Love this stuff! Great at taming chunky glitters!

A must have for glitter lover's. Versatile polish that I hope one day get's the attention it deserves. Not to be confused with traditional topcoat. And I love the name!

This stuff is magic for resuspending sunken glitters, Buy 2!

this stuff is GOLD! i used it to fix some other indie polishes that had very badly sinking glitter and were nearly impossible to use. thanks to this awesome product, I was able to fix all of them. i've already used up the entire bottle. TOTALLY worth the money!

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