Glitter A-Peel

Glitter A-Peel is a clear quick drying base coat that is applied directly to the nail to enable you to peel off your manicure without damage to your nails. 

This is NOT a glue base coat; it contains the usual solvents and plasticizers found in all nail polish.  This is also NOT three-free - it does contain Toluene.


Apply one or two coats to your bare nail (For me two coats worked better to make it easier to peel).  Then apply your usual treatments, polishes and topcoat.  I have found that thicker manicures peel off easier (i.e. in one piece) where thinner ones (like cremes) will still peel, but in a few pieces.

If you find your polish pops off too soon using two coats, try just one coat.


When you're ready to remove, use an orange stick (NOT YOUR NAILS - I know, it's hard, but try to resist the urge) to gently get the peel started (either from the side or the cuticle line) and remove!  As a final step use remover to clean up any last traces of the basecoat.

**PLEASE NOTE**  Safety is key here - don't use any metal implements to start the peel, and please don't force things.  If you find that your polish is really sticking, it may be time to call it quits and bust out the acetone.


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Feedback (From Etsy and Facebook):

This is a must-have for anyone who loves polish, whether you use glitter or just straight up cremes. It takes the stress out of wearing glitter polish and just let's you enjoy it. I don't know what I would do without it! Thank you Allison, you are a genius!

Glitter A Peel is amazing and life-changing and I want to hug you! ♥ Thanks for a kick-ass product!

So glad you made this! Best way to remove glitter - EVER. Thanks!  

Love this stuff. Faster than a glue-based peel-off coat, and it works. On my third bottle!

My new favorite nail thing. It works perfectly as advertised, doesn't damage my already-peely nails, and the bottle seems to refill itself as I use it. Seriously, I've done my nails daily for the last two weeks with 2 coats of this as a base, and there's not even a noticeable dent in the bottle.

Really enjoying using this! Makes changing up my polish a breeze!

I highly recommend this to everyone who loves glitter polish! 

This works so well! I love that it makes changing glitter polish less of a hassle, it's fantastic.  

This stuff really works! So easy to get my nail polish off now!

Omg this liquid is amazing. It goes on so perfectly smooth. This is the perfect base, I love it!

THE. BEST! Nothing else really to say.

This is quite possibly the greatest thing ever in the history of nail polish! I never really wore a lot of polish because it was always so much of a hassle to clean it off for the next color. Not anymore! I can't fuss enough about this stuff. Now I get to change colors without having to make a mess cleaning everything off. If you don't become a millionaire off of Glitter A-Peel, there is no justice in the world. I love it. Don't stop making it.

My new favorite nail thing. It works perfectly as advertised, doesn't damage my already-peely nails, and the bottle seems to refill itself as I use it. Seriously, I've done my nails daily for the last two weeks with 2 coats of this as a base, and there's not even a noticeable dent in the bottle.

This stuff is a godsend! It dries quite quickly to a nice smooth finish, and comes off easily when you want it to without any damage to the nail. Fast delivery, great service - thanks!

Thank you for creating Gitter A-Peel! It's been such a long time since I last wore a glitter polish on my fingers because I've been too lazy to remove them, and now I've done 3 glitter manis in the past month! 

Glitter A-Peel is amazing. So amazing that I ordered 3 bottles of it this second time around!  Two coats of this stuff makes removing Glitter manicures when you want to a breeze. Everything came well packaged and quickly! Will definitely buy from Nail Pattern Boldness again. 

Bought this bottle for my sister--she loved it! She is a busy mom and has a love of glitterbomb poiishes, so she is very thankful for this product. ;)

This. Works. I've used it twice with total glitterbombs and they peeled cleanly off all ten nails. Sure, the longevity of the manicure wasn't quite what it would be if I used my regular base coat, but I figure that's the tradeoff (at least the way it wore on me) for not using the foil method with the glitterbomb. YMMV, but this worked like a charm for me.  

Once I bought this I haven't gone back to anything else! This product is amazing for glitter polishes, and removal is literally as easy as flicking a nail!

HOORAY for being able to wear glitter polish again!! This stuff works and I love it. Thank you for all your work and research in making this product!

I am really impressed with my first use of Glitter A-Peel. It comes off MUCH more smoothly than a glue base coat. Doing longevity tests now. Good stuff!  Glad I got 2 bottles! This may be my go-to basecoat for all polish from now on!

I cannot even begin to tell you how AMAZING this stuff is. I have a huge amount of glitter nail polish I just would never wear because it was a pain to remove. Now it's SO SIMPLE. I had to stop my self from proposing to you over this stuff haha!! Thank you SO MUCH for the great product. I will be stocking up soon! :)

Glitter A-Peel is GENIUS. I absolutely love it!

Works exactly as advertised. Great job!

This is an amazing product!!! It works so well. Thank you so much!!!

It WORKS! I had no problems peeling it off. Saves time since I don't have to do the foil method for glitter removal now.

GAP is awesome! Thank you for creating it! I got no nail damage and peeled super easily!

I got my Glitter-A-Peel in the mail yesterday. Tested it last night and am now using it under an intense glitter manicure. I will have to order a few back up bottles! Thanks for making this!

I got a bottle from the last time they were in stock on your etsy shop, and I think it's my new favorite nail product. It works like a dream, and my nails thank you for it!

I am so loving glitter a peel, i also got picture polish revolution, and dont get me wrong i love PP but GAP works sooooo much better! I LOVE NBP a little bit more now....if thats even possible

Just received and tried Glitter-A-Peel, WOW this really works! Love it! Applied 1 medium coat and peeled off without any problems. Thank you for this!

Used glitter a-peel for the first time and I'm blown away! Had it on under one of my notoriously difficult polishes to remove - bisbee. Just peeled right off leaving my nail perfect underneath! Super super pleased! Well done npb. Another amazing product!

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