Friday, October 26, 2012

The Time Traveler Collection

Things have been a bit quiet here because I've been hard at work teaching myself how to make colored polishes using pigments!  I am a huge nerd Dr. Who fan, so without further ado here is a sneak peek at my next collection:

I don't have an exact availability date (yet) but it will be sometime between now and Thanksgiving.  It's quite a bit more work to create colors from scratch, so I want to be sure I can produce these consistently (and I'm still in the process of testing for staining).

Hello, Sweetie:   A purple jelly with black, copper and red glitter.  Inspired by River Song.
Slow Invasion:  Cubes of all sizes and colors in a teal jelly base.  Inspired by the invasion of the same name.
Allons-y!:  Teeny tiny glitter in blues, greens, purples, and many more colors.  Inspired by the 10th Doctor.
When A Good Man Goes to War:  Dark times and bloodshed, inspired by the 11th Doctor.
Oodiful:  Pink and white glitters in a grey jelly base.  Inspired by the Ood.
Bigger On The Inside:  A bold blue jelly with blue and silver microglitter.  Inspired by the Tardis.

So I'm dying to know - what do you think?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"silver" flake polish, coming soon!

I'll be releasing this one on November 1st, and it will be significantly less $ than the upcoming Ninja Polish ones.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

In progress: a color change polish!

So in my downtime I've been working on new colors, and I couldn't resist when I found this color changing black pigment.  It turns from black to CLEAR - look!

So now I'd like some feedback.  As is it can be worn over any color and will reveal the color underneath when your nails are warm (which if they're short like mine is most of the time).  BUT I could add color to the polish and it would be more of a "traditional" color change, say from red to black, or blue to black etc.

Personally I like the idea that it's customizable, but I want to hear from you!