Saturday, November 30, 2013

Introducing Digital Flash and Digital Hydration

Digital Flash is a 3-free quick dry topcoat that dries to a glossy finish. I developed this topcoat because I was frustrated with the tendency of Seche Vite to "shrink" polish as it dries, and most of the available alternatives aren't thick enough, or contain DBP (a known endocrine disruptor that doesn't evaporate as it dries and so remains part of your manicure for as long as you wear it).

Digital Hydration is a 3-free moisturizing and ridge filling basecoat that contains Argan Oil. I developed this basecoat because I was frustrated with the tendency of companies to discontinue their moisturizing basecoats, and I wanted something that I knew contained quality ingredients.

Both are cruelty free as usual (tested only on myself) and come in a full size (15ml/.50 fl oz) bottle.

Available now at!


  1. I'm hoping to have my review of these up on Friday, but giiiiiiiirl! These are both just amazing!!!!!!! I have to use a ridge filler since I have some very distinct ridges, and I've had a hard time finding one that doesn't dry out my nails, isn't thick as glue and doesn't shrink up as soon as I apply topcoat. DH is amazing, and like my belove Glitter-A-Peel and Glitter Food, I will never be without it! GF is equally as incredible, and although I swore I'd never stray from my "usual" topcoat, I've adopted DF as my go to topcoat! LOVE!!!

    1. Eeeeeek! This is so fantastic to hear - this is going to sound insanely cheesy but I really love making things that help people enjoy what they love even more.

      I'm so glad they're working as well for you as they do for me!!

      Thanks so much for the feedback!

  2. That basecoat sounds great! I have developed some ridges and this might be a great try :).