Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snowman "ornament" glitter?

I found this on clearance at Kinney Drug the other day. Snowman polishes come out every year around Christmas and each year there is a different selection of colors. They are manufactured by Blue Cross (who also makes Claire's, Icing, and the now discontinued Hot Topic "skull" polishes). All the snowmen I have just say "snowman" on the bottom, but this one is different:

It was SO INCREDIBLY THICK. I had to decant it because the brush was wonky, and even after reconstituting it with thinner to a full bottle, it was so thick I had to transfer it using an eye dropper! Here it is decanted - this was how dark it looked in the store, too (you will be amazed when you see the swatch):

And swatched on a wheel:

The empty bottle:

I LOVE THIS GLITTER. It looks like it dries matte, and the glitter in it is translucent - almost like the jelly polish of glitter. It's not iridescent or shiny or "glittery" if you get what I mean. I have *never* seen anything like this before, have you?

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